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    Turn Your Own Fleet of Vehicles into Moving Billboards and Make Them Work for You!
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Vehicle Advertising Wraps

Every time your vehicles take to the road they should create a positive impression about your brand.  The appearance and branding of your vehicle not only puts your service into the public domain but it also relays the message to potential new customers about the type of business that you are.

Whether you only have one vehicle or a large fleet; making your vehicles work harder for your business makes perfect sense.

Some vehicle wraps are bold and vibrant with an obvious call to action message. Others are used to focus on creating a more consistent, professional image. Whatever the product or service you provide; Focus Media can create a vehicle wrap that adds value.

Vehicle wrapping means we ‘wrap’ your vehicle with self-adhesive vinyl; this can be anything from wrapping an entire vehicle to wrapping just the rear or sides of your vehicle. This will give you a completely new look for your van, trailer, car or lorry.

In this day and age – image is everything! Our in house design team use attention grabbing images, bold colours and graphics to design a vehicle wrap. This ensures your vehicle creates the right impression and helps to build positive awareness of your brand wherever it goes.

It really is a fantastic marketing tool and with no damage to the paintwork of your vehicle, it really makes sense to make your transport work harder for you.

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