Read All About It! Why Newspapers are still Relevant in 2018


Since the rise of digital media, newspapers have dropped in the estimations of a lot of advertisers and marketers. It’s the popular opinion that just because something is new, we all must jump on it as quickly as possible, which has led to a whole lot of brands choosing to post ads on social media platforms and TV, rather than the good old-fashioned broadsheet. But have they actually got the right idea?

At Focus Media Outdoor, we know print media isn’t dead, and we’re here to show you why. Here are just a few of the many reasons newspapers are still relevant in 2018 for advertising your brand.

Shock Horror – People Still Read Papers!

A lot of people seem to assume that newspapers have lost a tremendous amount of popularity, falling into rapid decline as soon as the mobile phone was released and the media was condensed into many little apps. But, in fact, this isn’t the case.
A study conducted by Ofcom released last year (2017) showed that over a quarter of the UK population still keep up with the news via the paper. That’s a huge number of people! Imagine missing out on advertising to them because you went completely digital?

You Can Gain Audience Trust

With online ‘fake news’ drawing a lot of criticism and a general annoyance at never-ending TV ads, newspapers certainly make up ground when it comes to audience trust. Not only do the newspapers themselves still hold more credibility than online news sites, the advertisements in them are also less intrusive, and so they’re more likeable.
If your audience isn’t annoyed by your ads, and views them with more credibility because they’re in a newspaper, we can all be pretty certain of a more positive outcome.

Target Your Demographic

Every brand should have a target audience, and being able to direct your advertising towards them is key to its success. That’s just the way the world works!

Newspapers are a great way to created targeted ads. You can either focus on a more widespread audience – such as age groups – through the newspapers they read, or focus on more niche groups through localisation. For example, if you know you only want people in a certain area to see your ads, you can use local papers to reach them. Simple!

Your Advertising is More Flexible

Unlike most other forms of marketing, newspaper gives you a whole lot of flexibility. You can design your ad to exact specifics, such as the size and page location, and also change when and how often it appears in the newspaper.

You can work directly with the newspaper staff to make the ad exactly as you want it, and you can even link your paper ad to digital formats through QR codes or direct readers to your social media, combining the best of both worlds.

At Focus Media Outdoor, we’re firm believers in the power of print, and we’ve seen our customers businesses boom from the results of a well-designed newspaper ad. If you want to experience the results for yourself, get in touch with our friendly team today. We can start getting to know your brand, and you can get to know us, ensuring we make the perfect team to help your company to thrive.

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