Lights! Cameras! Advertise! Making the most of Cinema


Everyone loves the cinema – well, everyone we’ve met anyway! In fact, there were over 170 million admissions to the big screen in the UK last year alone. With somewhere so popular, it makes sense to advertise there, right? That’s what we think, too.
So, we thought we’d take a closer look at what you can do with cinema advertising, focusing on foyer posters, and how you can boost your brand by using them.
Target an Audience

Firstly, cinema lobby adverts are a great way to target a specific audience. This is because when a film comes out it usually has a pretty specific demographic, so if it matches your target audience then half of your job is done for you. Say, for example, you have a brand for children or parent products, you can place your foyer poster advert up when you a popular kids’ film is set to be released and watch your target customers flock past. Easy!

Low-Cost, High-Reach

Cinema foyer advertising is less expensive too, especially when compared to the likes of TV and newer marketing methods, which is already a bonus. Add this to the fact that it’ll still reach a wide, targeted audience, and you’ve got yourself a win-win! Who wouldn’t say yes to cost effective marketing?

Point of Purchase

Cinemas are frequently located near shopping areas, which makes advertising products here a great idea. In particular, items such as food and drink can benefit from this, giving your audience a craving for your product, and then encouraging them to pop to a nearby distributor or your own shop to buy them. You could even add directions to your advert, tempting your audience even further!

Reach a Desirable Audience

With some pretty expensive food and ticket prices, it makes sense that a lot of those who attend cinemas, particularly those who go regularly, have a fair amount of disposable income to splash about, making them far more desirable to brands. More money means more spending, which always makes for a good audience to ads.

How to Create a Great Cinema Foyer Ad

There’s a specific art to creating cinema lobby adverts that draw in your target audience, stand out from the crowd, and will effectively boost your business. From the words you use to the size of your images, everything matters! Your best bet for creating successful cinema foyer adverts is to call in the help of experts, like our guys and girls here at Focus Media Outdoor. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help you, and let’s get the ball rolling on an out of home advertising campaign to change your business for the better.

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