How Out of Home Advertising can Turn Strangers into Brand Fans


With so many methods of advertising out there, it can be confusing to understand where to focus your attention.

Billboard ad space

What’s going to direct the most traffic to your website?

Which is the best option for your budget?

What’s going to benefit your business?

There are a whole lot of questions and, seemingly, not many people that know the answer.

With that in mind, we want to help you by providing advice and giving you the low-down on out of home (OOH) advertising. Discover what it can do for your brand and how, despite the rise of digital, these traditional methods are still getting the results you want.

High Reach and Varied Audience

One of the many perks of OOH advertising is the ability to reach a mass audience made up of a whole bunch of people. Unlike posting a Facebook ad, where only Facebook users will see it, having an ad on a bus or a billboard can be seen by anyone who goes outside – which is most of the population!

Audiences that are usually harder to reach, such as busy business people who don’t spend as much time watching TV or going on social media, are much easier to get the attention of with OOH advertising, too.

It all comes down to the fact that, unlike a lot of other platforms, going outside isn’t a niche. Walking down the street isn’t only done by young people and looking at the side of a bus isn’t reserved for only one gender. Everyone does it, so everyone has the chance to see your advertising.

It’s Targetable

However, with the benefit of a wide audience comes a pretty common worry. Is OOH advertising targetable? The simple answer is: yes!
It may reach a much more varied audience, but your OOH adverts can still be targeted. You can look at the mean age of town populations, or even street populations, as well as factors such as nearby amenities. For example, if you know there’s a children’s play centre near a billboard, you know more parents will walk past your advert.

It Drives Web Traffic

Even though it’s not digital, OOH advertising can still connect with the digital world by actively pushing web traffic. In fact, research shows that 26% of an audience surveyed viewed a website that was promoted on OOH adverts. That’s a pretty big chunk of people that you could be missing out on!

Word of Mouth

A lot of business comes from word of mouth. The best advertising is the type that someone sees and then talks about, because suddenly that one person becomes ten, and then your advertising really starts to take off! When it comes to OOH advertising, the fact people talk about it is a huge benefit. In fact, over half of people who see a funny OOH advert will tell someone else. That’s a huge statistic, and one that can’t be ignored.

So, What Does All This Mean?

Basically, what we’re trying to show you is that OOH advertising has a huge reach, can be targeted to the people you want to recognise your brand, actively drives web traffic and gets people talking about you. It gets you recognised, known and turns those strangers into brand fans.

If that sounds like something you want, why not give us a call at Focus Media Outdoor? We can get chatting about what your brand needs and find the best OOH advertising method for you that works with your budget.

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