Deck the Bus with Festive Adverts


It’s been said more than a few times that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, and when it comes to marketing, that’s definitely true. With spending on the increase across all markets (well, maybe not BBQs and beach balls in the UK – it is winter after all), marketers go into overdrive to push their brand’s products and make sure they make the most of the festive shopping sprees.

Thinking it’s too early to be talking about all of this? Think again.

If you’re not planning your Christmas marketing, you’re already behind. You need to be getting your ideas together, booking your billboards, and designing your leaflets as we speak. That’s why our team at Focus Media Outdoor wants to start talking about festive bus advertising now.

What Is Bus Advertising?

Just to make sure we’re all on the same page, bus advertising is when you display a poster of your product or service on the side of a public bus. You’ve probably seen loads for films, food, and clothes shops – just about everyone and anyone can market their brand on a bus!

Christmas Bus Advertising

There’s a whole lot involved in placing up Christmas bus advertisements, which is why we’re advising you to start thinking about it now. Not only do you have to design a poster, you also have to find the right bus route for your target audience, the right bus company, and book your perfect slots. Leave all of that too late and chances are you’re going to miss out! The buses are going to get booked up much quicker during the festive period too, making preparation even more important.

In terms of why Christmas is a particularly good time for bus advertising, there are more shoppers than any other time of year out on the streets, meaning more people are going to see your advert. Makes sense, right? This is added to the multitude of other advantages, including:

It can’t be turned off or skipped, like TV or online ads.

It’s less intrusive, yet still draws attention, making your ads more palatable.

Your advert’s constantly moving location, covering a wider audience – in fact, in a survey over 50% of adults reported seeing an ad on a bus the week before, showing just how many people yours can reach.

You can target your specific audience based on location or stops on the bus route.

How to Make Effective Christmas Bus Adverts

When it comes to Christmas ads, make sure yours are bold and draw the attention of passers-by. As they are often only seen fleetingly, they need to be striking, and the information should be easily absorbed. Having paragraphs of detailed writing on a moving bus probably isn’t going to be the best way to get your message across.
Include large text, images, and details your audience needs to find out more, such as a website or your brands user name on social media. Don’t forget that festive spirit, too! Most people love Christmas, and if your advert can get them feeling all fuzzy and festive, the better it’s going to be.

If you need help sorting out your festive bus advertising, why not give us a call at Focus Media Outdoors? We’re experts at helping your brand stand out with out of home advertising.

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