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Bus Stop Advertising

Bus shelter or Adshel advertising can achieve targeted awareness and is easily combined with other advertising formats such as billboards and buses giving maximum exposure to your product or services.

A large percentage of bus stops are 6ft by 4ft and are illuminated 24/7. This means that they attract the eye of those using the bus stop, as well as pedestrians and passing motor traffic.

To ensure that your advert gets the best viewing, bus stops can be easily cherry-picked on a particular road or area, so they are a very exact and targeted form of outdoor media.

Bus Stop & Adshel advertising comes in various formats, with both the traditional static poster sites and the more modern digital versions available to select UK wide.

Digital bus stops sites in some areas are now so advanced you can pay by the ‘impression’ anywhere in the UK, selecting area, days and times with just the click of a button.

London & UK-Wide Bus Stop Advertising

As well as London bus stop advertising, we can set up bus shelter ads in Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Cardiff and all other British towns and cities and send you detailed location maps within minutes.

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Outdoor media can’t be fast-forwarded, can’t be skimmed through & you can’t change the channel. It’s always on – 24/7.