• Bus Stop Advertising
    Achieve Targeted Awareness
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Bus Stop Advertising

Bus shelter, or Adshel advertising, can achieve targeted awareness, and is easily combined with other advertising formats such as billboards and buses, to give maximum exposure to your product or service.

A large percentage of bus stops are 6ft by 4ft and are illuminated 24/7. This means that they attract the eye of those using the bus stop, as well as passers by – this can be almost anyone.

To ensure that your advert gets the best viewing, bus stops can be easily cherry-picked on a particular road or area, so they become a very exact and targeted form of outdoor media.

London & UK-Wide Bus Stop Advertising

As well as London bus stop advertising, we can set up bus shelter ads in Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Cardiff and many other British towns and cities.

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Outdoor media can’t be fast-forwarded, can’t be skimmed through & you can’t change the channel. It’s always on – 24/7.