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Targeted Bus Advertising for your Business

Have you ever seen another business or competitor on the back of a bus and wondered how they got the space, or how much it cost them to run an ad campaign?

Focus Media Outdoor designs and books thousands of bus adverts every year, and with bus rears at only £135 + VAT (including posters) for a 4-week period, they are extremely cost-effective.

Superside, T-Side, Headliner Bus Advertisements – UK Wide

Whether you are looking to promote an open day, sale, new opening, event, product launch or simply looking to increase your visibility, bus advertising is highly effective.

You can choose from bus rears and supersides, interior headliners, T-sides and more for your adverts. Adverts on Buses reach the people other traditional media cannot, especially commuters, and offer in most cases an open demographic. Not only can we design and set-up London red bus ads, we can place ads on buses in Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Cardiff – and all other UK cities.

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Bus Advertising Prices – Free Design Work

We work right across the UK, so wherever your business is based, give us a call to discuss the details of your most relevant bus depot and to check availability. We can also give you an idea of bus advertising costs. We are currently offering FREE design work on all bus advertising campaigns.

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“30 Million People Have Seen Advertising On The Outside Of A Bus In The Last Week”

(Source: TGI)

Bus advertising formats

Reach Potential New Customers With Bus Advertising

Welcomed – 73% of London commuters prefer Buses with advertising
Response – 80% of consumers have responded to Bus advertising
Memorable – 86% of bus passengers and 91% of bus passengers in London can spontaneously recall Bus advertising
Prime audience – 65% of ABC1 adults have noticed Bus advertising in the last week, and that number grows to 74% in London.

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